8th WNC Venue
University of Colorado, Boulder
International Naginata Federation (INF)
United States Naginata Federation (USNF)
Championship Tournament
July 13, 2024
Friendship Tournament
July 14, 2024
INF Seminar
July 15-17, 2024
Exam up to 4-dan
July 17, 2024


Fly into Denver International Airport (DEN). See traveler’s accommodations document for transportation information from the airport to hotels and the university.
Most delegations will arrive on July 10th. See the schedule for more details.

Yes. The University of Colorado will have a link to reserve and pay for dormitory housing. The cost will cover room and two meals a day for a set period. You must pay for the entire set. It cannot be broken up. The link will be available later as we get closer to the event. Each person will reserve their housing themselves.

Boulder sits at over 5,300 feet (over 1,600 meters) above sea level. Those unused to these altitudes may experience altitude sickness. Symptoms include: headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, weakness, loss of appetite, trouble breathing, and insomnia.
To prevent altitude sickness, you can:
  • Hydrate on the days in Boulder and the days prior to your trip
  • Arrive a few days early and acclimate to the altitude to avoid exercising in the first 48 hours
  • Get good sleep
  • Some research shows that taking certain supplements may help avoid altitude sickness 
Citizens of INF-member countries can send a team to compete in the WNC. Residents of countries can compete in the Friendship Tournament.
Shikake-Oji techniques: Ipponme (No.1), Sanbonme (No. 3), and Ropponme (No.6).

Zen Nihon Kata techniques: Nihonme (No. 2), Yonhonme (No. 4), and Gohonme (No. 5).

There will be rhythm naginata at the championship tournament. It will be demonstration only, with no judging. Countries that wish to enter a rhythm team should submit a list of their rhythm participants to the USNF and INF Offices along with their event application form.
There are no alternate positions for participants. The only substitutions that can be made after the submission of the taikai application will be in the case of serious illness or injury accompanied by a doctor's letter.
There may be more merchandise for purchase and we are looking into asking a bogu provider to have a table at the tournament. Check back often for new information.
Yes! Kimura Sensei will hold a one-day Tendo Ryu seminar before the INF event on Wednesday, July 10th from 9 am to 5 pm. Seminar fee: $40 USD plus box lunch for $17.50. See Tendo Ryu Yoko for more details. Click on Tendo Ryu Seminar button to download the Yoko. Click the link in the Yoko for registration form.

The dorm registration package includes cafeteria meals. There is a set amount of meals included for each day to keep the cost down. It is assumed that most dorm residents will choose breakfast as their first meal for all days, which is why it is listed in point A that breakfast is included July 12-18.

July 13 is the WNC Taikai, box lunches will be available for purchase for this day instead of a cafeteria meal. This way, participants will not have to walk back and forth from the cafeteria and gymnasium.

Point D states that Lunch OR Dinner will be available on July 12, 14, and 15. For July 14th it was assumed that most people would attend the party for lunch and choose dinner as their university meal for that day. Those that are attending the shinpan seminar or not attending the sayonara party might choose to have lunch that day, and will need to look outside the university for their last meal.

For the 12th and 15th, the coordinators were unsure who would be in which meetings, so participants could choose either lunch or dinner for those days depending on each person's schedule. Participants will probably want to go out for food for their last meal of that day.

The Kyu examination will be conducted by USNF and will use USNF’s criteria for Kyu examinations. These criteria differ from country to country, please review the document “USNF Kyu Grading Criteria” for more precise information.
The link to register in the dorms at UC Boulder is live! Use this link to register for dormitory accommodations: (https://na.eventscloud.com/naginatalodginganddining). You can also download the entire accommodations document in the “want to attend?” page. Click the button for accommodations.
The Dan Examination will be conducted by the INF and will use their criteria for Dan examinations. These criteria may differ from requirements in your country for Shodan exams. Please review the document INF Dan Requirements for more precise information. Click the button for INF Dan Grading Criteria on the “Want to Attend?” page to download the document.
Check out the updated schedule in the “Want to attend?” section. The new schedule is color-coded and has locations and addresses for each event. Click on the “Schedule” button.
We made one with the locations of all events and the hotels. You can download it from the “Want to attend?” section. Click on the "CU Boulder Campus Map" button.


T-shirt Men’s or Ladies sizes ($25 USD) (See size chart)

Tenugui   Senshu gift or purchase ($4 USD)



Your message will be sent to the USNF Executive Secretary and INF General Secretary and may be forwarded to the appropriate contact if deemed necessary.

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